atheist 26
7th Dec 2011, 1:53 AM in I Was a Satan Worshipping Atheist Jew!
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atheist 26
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Wow, these kids are dumber than dirt. But this makes the girl in pink . . . Queen of the Preps? Or class president, I assume. O . o
Again, the school is full of utter idiots, if they had a brain between their ears they'd know about Jewish people and other religions and not bully someone for whether or not they believe in God.
Although this girl in pink has intrigued me, but is she so popular that although she has helped Sabrina, will she be her one true friend? (Apart from Twiddle Dum and Dee, the boys trying to save her)
Julia KaNeko
Oh... My God... I wanna shoot these dumbass posers in the face. =A=
That didn't last long...
Random Person (Guest)
*smh* All those ppl are dumbasses and two faced